Watch Movies, Not Crappy TV Shows

Not too long ago, we shrugged off our connection to network TV by eliminating our ridiculous cable bill. We kept our internet connection and use only Netflix streaming and Hulu Plus for our TV shows. There are 2 shows – Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead – that we have gone so far as to buy on Amazon, but even adding those into the mix, we’re still saving about $90 a month. Plus, there’s the added bonus of not having a million shows to sift through at night and veg-out on before falling asleep. This forces me to find more movies to watch if I want to watch something in bed. I prefer this (I actually used to do this in my old apartment before I moved in with Sara) because I like the finality of a defined plot line and the substance that you can get with characters that can be developed through the course of a full movie, rather than jammed into the 21 mintues of actual show time that are allocated for sitcoms.
Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is because the past few nights have been troublesome for me to get to sleep and I have been able to tackle a handful of pretty good movies this week. Two of which are called ‘This Is England’ & ‘Beware The Gonzo’. I definitely recommend these, especially if you’re into punk and teen rebellion movies (think American History X and Pump Up The Volume). Hopefully, some of you will opt to watch one of these instead of killing more brain cells on awful reality TV. Here’s the trailers:

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