The Man I Wish To Be

Not too long ago, my son had a project that he did in school where he wrote me in as his hero. Of course his mother had to go and try to make him feel bad about that, but whatever – that’s a whole different story that I won’t go into right now. It made me feel good that he wrote that and it also made me feel something else – contempt. Contempt for my own father who is such a miserable human being that I can’t ever remember idolizing him. I’m sure that I did at some point, but that was far beyond the reaches of my memory. I only remember him being a person that I continually thought of as the epitome of everything I should strive to never become. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that so far.

I’ve spent a lot of time watching people and trying to find people that I think might have the answers that I couldn’t get from my own father and of all the people that I’ve observed in my life, I think if there is a perfect man to strive to be like, it has to be George Carlin. Maybe there are some things in his life that he could’ve done better or helped more with, but I don’t care about any of that. He was definitely one of the most intelligent men that have lived in my lifetime. Maybe even more than some of the heavy-hitting philosophers and physicists out there today and why? Because of how he delivered his message. Many people tune out intellectuals when they speak because it’s not always a pleasant experience. They provide you with a wealth of information, but many people just don’t want to deal with the harsh reality of facing the world around them. Mr. Carlin, however, took all that bullshit that we see around us and poked at it like a kid with a stick – jamming it into all the nasty little pockets of goo and saying “Look at this!”  “That’s some weird looking shit!” and “Hey Billy, I think this fell out of your mom’s panties!”. The fact that he could keep hundreds of people hostage in a room for a couple hours with talks of politics, the ugliness of humanity and the ludicrous nature of how we eat and not only make us laugh about it, but also to think about the absurd truth of it all, was nothing short of genius. This is probably the greatest humanitarian effort a person can make. Give a fish vs. teach to fish, right? He did that well, with the exception of one thing – too many people just brushed it off as a comedy routine, rather than what it really was, but he can’t be blamed for the ignorance and indifference of the masses – those people would ignore the other intellectuals too, but at least a few more listened to the message and possibly awoke because of the way he delivered it to them. I’m ending this with a video – not of his stand up, but of a collection of interviews in which he spoke truthfully about the way he sees the world around us. It’s funny to me how the guys he speaks to in these interviews really seem uncomfortable with the things he had to say.

Maybe they had reason to be.

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