Saving Energy, Old School

I am often times afraid of my basement.  It comes and goes and usually gets worse after I’ve watched a particularly spooky show or movie.  When we sat down to watch “The Cabin in the Woods” and they had to get them to the basement?  Yep, paid for it for an extra day.  When I started trying to watch American Horror Story with Bryan and saw that weird little creature running around in the basement?  It took about a month for me to not think about that each time I went downstairs.

What does this have to do with energy savings?  Well, you see, our washer and dryer is in the basement which requires me to go down there on a regular basis, often times regardless of whether someone is home or not.  It is an old, unfinished basement with low light, a cement floor, and a homemade “bomb shelter” in the corner.  There was a lone standing lamp in the corner by the washer and dryer which required I walk across the entire basement in said low light before I could turn it on.  Going down was usually fine, it was coming back up that I hated.  As a result, the light stayed on.  A lot.

Enter – the clapper.

Yes, I’m serious!  You can’t say you don’t remember the commercials.  This was before people were turning on their lights and unlocking their doors with their phones.  This was a little old lady, settled into bed, who could enjoy the simple things – like turning of her lamp (that was really within perfect reach) with two claps of her hands.  Don’t ask me why or how I thought of the clapper but when Bryan and I sat down to brainstorm all the things we wanted to get done or improve around the house it came to mind as a solution to one of our energy drains.

It cost $18 on Amazon.  You could even buy one with a remote if you wanted.  With such a simple concept, how could we go wrong.  Today, I can get all the way over to the well lit stairs of my basement, clap my hands and turn off the lamp buried back in the dark corner.  It’s a wonderful thing.  Sure, the clapper can be temperamental and sometimes turns the light on just from noise in the dryer.  It’s a small price to pay, though,  to be able to walk in the house at night and not see that basement light on most of the time (or better yet, to not have to think about running downstairs to turn it off).


About Mama's a Mess

Who am I and what am I doing here? Well, at the end of the day I'm a mother and a wife, a lover of classic monster movies and comic books, of music, TV and movies. I'm a sucker for pop culture. I'm a fangirl. I'm an artist. As my husband always puts it, "Baby, you're a mess!" I have a penchant for creating and collecting. I feed my brain with a mix of anything from hot rods and pin-ups to handmade and natural. I like to dig in the dirt and grow things but sometimes picture myself doing it like Donna Reed. I will always, always choose to wear a dress first. I am head over heels in love with my husband and have a fantastically crazy life with him. Follow all our adventures and musings on our blog at Twitter: @mamasamess Pinterest & Polyvore: mamasamess
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