The Wish List



For the past few years, around Christmas time, Sara & I have had an agreement that we WILL NOT buy anything for each other, but instead will only concentrate on the kids. We have also told the adult family members that all adult-to-adult gift giving needs to stop. This isn’t a matter of being stingy or anything like that, it’s just that we are all adults who pay our own bills, buy our own toys and know which items we need. We tend to buy those things as we need them, so Sara & I think adult-to-adult gifting is kind of silly. A lot of the time, the gift is something that isn’t needed and is usually just witty and finds itself collecting dust in a closet somewhere because it doesn’t really serve any practical purpose and it stays there way too long because we feel guilty getting rid of something that was given as a gift.

Now, with that being said, not all of us follow these rules all the time. As a matter of fact, Sara has been pretty upset with me on Christmas morning for the past 2 years when she has found something under the tree with her name on it. I’ve tried explaining to her that it wasn’t me and that Santa Claus is a sneaky character, but for some reason, she keeps pointing the finger at me. I think the guy is trying to nose in on our relationship – the rotten bastard.

So, as long as I can keep my wife at bay and make sure she’s not out trying to pull some silly stunt for Christmas this year, I think we can finally put this rule into full effect and instead of buying gifts for each other, we can truly focus our attention on the kids and maybe our wish lists can be something we reward ourselves with AFTER the holiday season. Hopefully, with after-Christmas sales and the effect of the fiscal cliff, we might actually find some great deals on the things that we want.

I think the only exception that might make this year would be the hipster-esque Descendants Christmas sweater. I mean, seriously, if we have the extra money, we’re absolutely getting this for ourselves.

In the meantime, I’m trying to focus my vision on things that will help our personal earnings, income or bill-reducing plans leading into 2013 and beyond. There are some big-ticket items and business ideas that I want us to invest in, but not all of the things I would like to reward myself with are solely earnings/savings related. I am human, after all – I like to have my toys too. So, once the dust settles, the credit cards are paid down and we have a clear focus on how to move forward after the holiday expenses, I am going to try and convince my loving wife that we should make certain milestone gifts to ourselves.

First on my list will be a combination of 2 things – a stainless stock pot with valve & thermometer and a wort chiller for home brewing beerwort chiller. I mean, what better way to reward myself than to make 6 gallons of tasty beer?brewing kettle

Next item on the list will be a new camera, since mine was stolen out of the car a few months ago with probably about 700 photos that we’ll never see again.

Third will most likely be a punk rocker’s media combo of Solipsist by Henry Rollins and Suburbia, circa 1982.




But if things go well, I think I might try to sneak myself a little Buddy Christ to smile his happy hypocrisy on my days. Maybe if I’m good enough at finding deals on the kids’ gifts, I might be able to squeeze this one out before New Year’s Eve. Look at his happy face – even he loves this idea. You can never go wrong with a little Buddy Christ smiling at you.buddy christ

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