9 Unpopular Ideas To Fix The Economy And Avoid The Effects Of The Fiscal Cliff

I promised you a post about my ideas on the economy, so here it is: CUT SPENDING – plain and simple. Our tax rates are too high right now. Most people I know are giving 25% or more of their earnings to the government and most of that money is to support programs and policies that we either don’t agree with or don’t benefit all of us. How do we fix this? We get involved in how the government makes decisions on our behalf. We can’t just sit back and allow rich, disconnected politicians legislate how our money is being spent anymore because they obviously have no idea what the fuck they’re doing. So, here it is – my list of items that will fix our economy. This will not be a popular list, but sometimes we have to make hard decisions to benefit the masses.

#1 – Return to a strict welfare to work policy. If you need welfare, that’s fine – you have 4 years to get your shit together. That’s long enough to get a college degree or some other type of job training and many places offer job placement. If you can’t figure it out by then, sorry about your luck, but your meal ticket is revoked and you need to pull your shit together some other way.

#2 – Tax money will pay you $5,000 to get your tubes tied or to get a vasectomy (this is way cheaper than paying to support a child). This can be done as a reversible surgery, but the reversal will have to be paid out of your own pocket. If you can’t pay for the reversal surgery, then you obviously can’t afford to raise a child without my tax money, so keep your baby machine out of my tax pool.

#3 – If you are on welfare and become pregnant, you have to figure out how to make it work on the money that you already have. Our taxes are not a means for you to increase your income by increasing your family size. People who work for a living have to figure out how to pay for new children with the same income they had before pregnancy and so should you.

#4 – Government programs cannot be limited to any certain group of people. All programs that benefit only a certain race, sex, ethnic group, religion, or anything of the sort should be eliminated. We no longer have a society that holds anyone back based on any one factor other than laziness. If you work for something, you will get it. Obama’s presidency proves that. Taxes are paid by EVERYONE, so any benefit that our government makes available should be for ANYONE – period.

#5 Churches should have to pay property taxes. When a church doesn’t pay taxes, that -in essence- is incurring a tax burden on the rest of us who do not subscribe to that belief system. It’s very simple, if we do not all share in your values, we will not give you a free piece of land. You will have to pay like the rest of us, or you will have to find a more modest means of practicing your religion. If you have that many faithful followers, they will be willing to pay for the property taxes on your behalf so they can enjoy a certain type of atmosphere to worship at.

#6 – Make renewable resources an accelerated priority. If every household in America was fitted with solar and wind power, rain water collection systems, geothermal heating and any other renewable resource, we would have a lower income burden which in-turn would leave more money in our pockets to cycle into the economy.

#7 – Create one flat tax rate for everyone. We should all have to pay the same percentage, regardless of how much we earn. If you earn $20,000 per year, your tax percentage should be the same as a person who earns $120,000 per year.

#8 – No tax-free living for immigrants. If you come to this country to try and live like an American and to try and become an American, then guess what – you need to work your way up from the bottom , just like a fucking American. You can get a crappy job to start off like the rest of us do and when you get your citizenship, you can apply for a school loan and earn your degree like the rest of us are expected to and then you can try to shine in your respected field of business LIKE THE REST OF US DO. You are not special – oh wait, it’s not PC to say tings like that, so I mean – we are all equally as special as each other. Does that make the hippies happy?

#9 – I’m listing this last because I’ve mentioned it before – return to the gold standard (or something comparable). We can’t just print money with no physical value to it. Interest regulation just doesn’t work. We cannot keep spending more than we actually have.

I know there are other things that I have thought of along the way and I know that those are probably not popular ideas, either, but is being a slave to our taxes a popular idea? I don’t think so and I would hope that you don’t, either. We need to stop being a nation of pussies that tries to satisfy the desires of the few over the needs of the majority. I’m tired of working to take care of lazy-ass people that are looking for a handout AND for manipulative career politicians that are constantly looking for new ways to try and prove their usefulness, when we all know that most of them truly are useless. Paying for these people is killing our economy and the majority needs to be the rule once again. The people have lost their voice and we need to take it back before we’re all too deep in the shit to dig our way out.get a job

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2 Responses to 9 Unpopular Ideas To Fix The Economy And Avoid The Effects Of The Fiscal Cliff

  1. Tax Churches = Yes.

    Flat tax = No.
    If I earn $30,000/year and you earn $300,000/year and we both pay 30% in taxes, that leaves me with only $20,000 to live off and you $200,000. It’s a lot harder for me to survive on my remainder than you on yours. If anything, it should be a simplified sliding scale to allow the lower wage earners to keep enough to survive more comfortably.

    • 1oddpapa says:

      30% is too large of a percentage to be taxed anyway. If we cut all the unnecessary government spending and unnecessary government positions (not to mention keeping ‘defense spending’ strictly for defense, rather than offensive maneuvers), we shouldn’t have a problem keeping taxes closer to 15%. Yes, I do realize that still doesn’t remedy the gap in actual wages retained, but that’s a lifestyle factor that people have to work around. If I know I’m only going to bring home $25,000 for the year, I also know that I need to supplement my income in some manner or go to school in order to upgrade my life. It’s motivation to do better for myself. If someone is happy to just be someone else’s bitch for the rest of their life, that’s fine for that person, but they should understand that as long as they accept that fate, they will only have a certain amount of take home pay to work with

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