A quick word about the pastor that revoked her tip at Applebee’s

I’ve seen several comments about this story, but not one that mentions this point- why does this pastor so arrogantly assume that anyone cares about what money she donates to the services of her god? To assume that this server should have any interest in the value this pastor places on HER devotion to HER deity just highlights the ludicrous nature of how the religious deal with the rest of the world. Your religious beliefs are the concern of nobody other than yourself. Restaurant servers work their asses off and deserve an 18% (or more) tip on a party of 8 or more. Get over your religious arrogance, you cheap bitch. This was actually just an obvious excuse to be cheap and try to cover it up with self-righteousness.


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2 Responses to A quick word about the pastor that revoked her tip at Applebee’s

  1. jorsca314 says:

    Best comment I came across when reading this story a week ago: “So she’s just going to do one of the most stereotypical things you can possibly do as a Black person (not tip) the day before Black History Month? Really? You’re ruining it for us all homegirl. That’s why I can never get a damn refill. YO ASS…. Why not eat at the house of the Lord then, since this whole gratuity thing runs so contrary to your belief system? Smdh…”

    I would like to add that as a former waiter in multiple establishments in multiple places for a number of years, Sunday Christians, for the most part, are every bit the stereotype people make them out to be. Obviously, I’ve never received something so brash, but at one point while working at the now defunct Chi Chi’s, I started a collection of “Jesus Cards” that were left instead of a tip. Now, keep in mind that I was getting these for years before starting the collection, and after a 6 month period I had a grand total of 33! 33!!!!!! That’s 5.5 a month!! If my average wage is considered, that means that’s about $30 dollars a month lost on this pushy bullshite! Often times that was for a party of people, not just 1 or 2 people dinning together. Now before I get the response of how I was a shitty waiter, which at times was true, I would rarely go home after 8 hours with any less than $70-$100 dollars.

    These “Jesus Cars” were such a fucking drain! You get done getting bossed around to find crap like, “The wages of sin is DEATH. The gift of God is eternal LIFE.” with the address of the church on the back like anyone in their right mind would go to this shit-bags church after getting stiffed. Now, mayhaps if they would’ve left me 35% with the card, I’d probably have considered it. What a fail!! The absolute worst thought, were the cards that looked like a $10 bill that once you pulled it out from under the dish would be a prayer card. Even if I made mad money that day it would leave me pissed.

    Mother fuckers, it’s been years and I’m not sitting at the computer pissed!

    • 1oddpapa says:

      That’s why I always worked the back of the house. I always knew I was getting screwed and I knew the percentage of it. I worked one waiter job in my life and that only lasted about 3 months. I did help the girls on Sunday mornings at Hometown Buffet and I know just how bad the church crowd would screw them over. There were actually a few old guys that would come in and tip a couple of the girls extra heavy on Sundays because they knew how bad they were losing out (plus the added perv-factor, but that’s besides the point).

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