This blog sucks

i suckJust as the title implies, we’re a fucking mess. We have tried going at it different ways and have re-vamped and re-launched a couple different times on here and even previous to this on the UnderCulture site and Kiss The Librarian. We just can’t seem to pull our heads out of our asses. We just can’t seem to remain consistent. We want to change this problem.

Our latest round of learning experience on here was just around Christmas when we tried to start running this blog in a style similar to an online magazine. Sara & I would write a bunch of stuff in a day and schedule it all out so you could have something to come back and see each day. We even started a couple of ‘weekly features’ with our friends and that kind of fizzled quickly simply because of timing and circumstance. As a matter of fact, I think the timing of the circumstances was horrible for all of us. It just so happened that when we started this ‘zine-style project, Sara & I had all of the madness of finishing some upstairs construction on our son’s bedroom and the game room (which all turned out pretty awesome, by the way). On the other side of things, Adam and Jason were both in the process of moving to new places thanks to the wonderful economy and how it has affected their respective situations.

But I won’t lay this all on sheer dumb luck circumstance, either. We have our own parts to play in this and I have taken a look around and come to an epiphany. I don’t want to become some big time blogger. So, why are we putting so much work into this? Not to mention, what would we have to succumb to in order to get there? Personally, I think Perez Hilton is a fucking douche and I don’t even want people to compare us to that nonsense. This was intended to be an account of our experiences and a relay of our thoughts, opinions, artistic enjoyment and helpful things we learn about along the way.

So, here’s my thoughts about the blog moving forward:

1) Features will stay – yes, we enjoy sharing a our friends’ points of view and welcome them to continue sharing on here for as long as they wish and I don’t necessarily think that anyone has to feel like they are on a deadline, so maybe ‘This Week In Preposterously Ignorant’ can be something more like ‘The World Of The Preposterously Ignorant’ (yes, I know that needs work, but I’m sure you get the point).

2) We really need to read other blogs more often – Sara & I used to read other blogs fairly regularly (maybe her more-so than I), but have fallen away from that in a narcissistic attempt to focus our WordPress time more into developing this blog more. I think that was a mistake. Reading blogs is a great mental exercise. We get to read other opinions and learn about cool new things or how crazy some people are and actually participate in a community of some really cool people. We apologize for that and promise to do better.

3) Stop being such curmudgeons – I realize that we have been a bit more bitter over the past year and I can only attribute this to the atmosphere of how life has treated us recently. I don’t always want us to seem like we’re bitching about something or someone. There are alot of awesome things that we get our hands into and we want to share that stuff with everyone. There’s enough negativity in the world and we definitely don’t need to contribute to it. If we have a view of something negative, maybe we can keep in mind to try and offer some positivity on the subject also.

4) I still won’t spell ‘alot’ correctly. Yes, I do know this a grammatical error and frankly, I don’t give a fuck. Everyone I know pronounces it as “uh-lot”, no space, no defined break between the a and the lot. I am probably one of the worst grammar Nazi’s with my friends on Facebook, so I know how hypocritical this is, but I don’t care. I know how to spell it. I also know the correct use of the words: there, they’re their, your, you’re, our, are, etc. so I will take liberty on one self-entitled grammar refusal just because I can.

Anyway, I had a small chat with Jason about this kind of thing recently and I know that he still has some personal obstacles to get through, but he wants to start sharing Preposterously Ignorant with everyone again soon. Sara & I have some personal development things going on, but we are trying to get back on track while still keeping focused on those things – so, we should have some good stuff coming up for you soon. Honestly, I have probably 30 or more topics written on various little notepad pages floating around here and Sara has at least that many or more to share too, so we do have some good stuff coming for you. Please be patient and understand that we probably wouldn’t have so much cool shit to talk about if we weren’t quite as much of a mess as we are.

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5 Responses to This blog sucks

  1. jorsca314 says:

    I must stop being a douche, it’s bad for my creative endeavors.

    • 1oddpapa says:

      Oh, I see what you did there…
      While you have the right to your personal opinion of me, I am not making apologies for anything that I have said or will say here in the future. I will continue to state my opinions and will also leave the door open for constructive conversation. I won’t run from comments such as this and will leave the choice in your hands whether you would like to continue reading posts from this blog or not. I appreciate it if you feel that I’m a douche because that tells me something I’ve said has struck a nerve with you somewhere along the line and if that’s the case, it’s probably something you needed to hear. So, thank you for your comment. I hope you can find yourself in a more positive place when you wake up tomorrow.

    • 1oddpapa says:

      OK, it seems that I’m a bit of a knucklehead. Didn’t realize this was your ID, Jason and now the comment makes a little more sense to me, but I still disagree. I don’t think you were being a douche. Life takes a shit on us sometimes and I think it got on all of us

      • jorsca314 says:

        Yeah, but the thing is, I love writing! I especially love writing for this site and being creative certainly brings a sense of, not only accomplishment, but thinking that I don’t get elsewhere. Ok, besides debates which often turn into bouts of pugilism. I’m sure if I listed verbal, judo combat as a favorite hobby, no one, not even you’d, be surprised. I personally feel like a douche, and saying it will only make me want to work harder, but I appreciate you not beating me down. I know how into ginger love you are!

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