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‘Awareness’ day? Screw that – let’s have ACTION day

All day long, I’ve seen all of the red equality symbols going up as profile pictures and that’s nice. I really do mean it. It’s very cool to see so many people in support of what should be a basic … Continue reading

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The search for our nightspot concludes: XYZ the Tavern

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about the challenges we have just trying to find a cool place to get a drink around here.  Yesterday we decided to try again. Without the little ones for one night only (since my step-daughter’s … Continue reading

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Road Trip: 6 hours, 350 miles, 1 tank

It feels like it’s been forever since we just picked up and went somewhere for a weekend.  When we first got together it felt like we were doing this all the time.  Then, the kids’ needs were different – Dylan … Continue reading

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Craigslist Gems: Free Couches

We find a lot of great stuff on Craigslist.  We find a lot of great laughs, too.  Here’s our first Craigslist gem to share. While perusing the free section today I stumbled on this curb alert. “Curb Alert – 2 … Continue reading

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A new fictional series that I am starting. Keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that it won’t suck.

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