‘Awareness’ day? Screw that – let’s have ACTION day

All day long, I’ve seen all of the red equality symbols going up as profile pictures and that’s nice. I really do mean it. It’s very cool to see so many people in support of what should be a basic human right. I also saw a friend mention that today is (and has been for quite some many years) epilepsy awareness day. [*I didn’t verify if this is accurate/true or not*] He said while the sentiment is very nice that everyone is in support of marriage equality, it should not overshadow the currently celebrated(?) awareness day that is held each year. Before you pass judgement on him, also know that he is gay and could benefit greatly by this ‘overshadowing’.

I had sent my own response to his post: “I don’t think it’s really being overshadowed. I think people just feel they can actually help others that are being deprived of human rights while most of us aren’t medical scientists and have no idea how to help people with epilepsy. I understand that’s where the need for a certain amount of awareness comes in, but I’m not sure if that will change how people feel they can help, you know?”

I only mentioned the above to bring light onto my point of view in that regard, but this post is about something more than that because his status update really got me thinking and I have to say that I’m getting kind of sick of all these ‘awareness days’. There is an awareness day for everything now. Breast cancer, autism, diabetes, epilepsy, etc. As a matter of fact, I bet if we looked it up, almost every date on the calendar is dedicated toward trying to make people aware of some sort of disorder, dysfunction or social injustice. Guess what, everyone? I AM ALREADY FUCKING AWARE OF IT!!!!.

How about this – rather than having an awareness day for these things, you make a conscious effort to find which day of the year is dedicated to your dysfunctional situation of choice and make plans to make that day your ACTION DAY. Actually find out in advance how you can help to improve the lives of people in that situation, set out to gather others on your quest and make something happen. Frankly, if you change your profile picture, wear an imprinted rubber band or put some ribbon-shaped magnet on your car, I will no longer even give you or your cause a second thought. I will see it as empty sentiment with the intention to make yourself seem more socially conscious and therefore an attempt to raise your own social status.

If you have no interest in actually putting some work into it, then it’s not really worth mentioning, now is it? Organize a sponsored event, a bake sale or some other fund raiser. Learn some facts and get out and talk to people. Blog about it. Do SOMETHING, but don’t just sit on your ass and say, “Hey, man – I feel for you, bruh” because that just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Yes, I’m upset with the collective masses and this is definitely me calling everyone out to get off your asses and actually do something to help out the people that you apparently have such passion for. Let’s put these ‘awareness days’ to bed already. Obviously, there is so much to be aware about that people can’t even pay attention enough to NOT overshadow them with something else. Awareness is already intact, it’s actual action that we are lacking.

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