On Violence.

I really have nothing to add to this. It’s already spot on

The Sun Burns Cold

So, ok. As anyone who is really close with me in meatspace, and many others out here in cyberia, knows…I’ve done some fucked up shit in my life. I spent eight years in the penitentiary, and it wasn’t for being a fucking kind and caring individual. I tried to open up a guys face with a carpet cutter during a botched stick up for prescription drugs back in ’98. And I’ve done all sorts of other horrible shit. Hurt a fair amount of people, including people I was close to, and not all the time in open combat or in self defense.

There comes a time…and I know we all want to live in the kindest, softest world possible-but there comes a time when you just realize that people act violently and do fucked up shit, and always have. It’s maybe fashionable to abstract it as some kind of conditioning…

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