Spray-On Clothes

Just saw this in my Facebook news feed this morning and was kind of thrown off by it. I get the idea of a person wanting to have skin-tight clothes, but don’t we have them already? I mean, this can’t really be economical, can it? But then again, that may be a silly question when some people will pay $60 for a plain t-shirt simply because of the rack it’s hanging on.

spray shirt

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I guess I can see the potential for fashion crafting using a product like this. How cool would it be for your favorite graffiti artist to spray their art directly onto your skin? And I suppose they could probably really get into the idea of doing so for the potential business opportunity and probably also so they could stare at boobies all day. That has to be better than every straight boy’s teenage dream of becoming a gynecologist – that, in reality, is a horribly disgusting profession to seek out (blue waffle – *shudder*).

Being a person who would like to sell t-shirts for a little extra cash once again, I don’t like the idea of there being even MORE competition on the horizon, but what can I do? It’s here and it is what it is, so maybe I should just start looking into ways to implement this kind of technology. After all, the ones who get left behind are the ones that shy away from change, right?

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