Let’s privatize water because, you know, it’s not essential to life or anything

This video irks me:

I don’t even know where to begin with this guy, so I’ll just break it down by specifics of the video itself.

At the opening of the video, Peter Brabeck introduces himself and lays out his resume as a qualifier to exemplify his expertise on the topic at hand. This is a fairly common tactic that extremely wealthy sociopaths use to try to impress their audience into a somewhat hypnotic state of accepting what they say as unfaltering truth. It’s a basic parlor trick and people have actually fallen for that for quite some time. I, however do not. What I heard was ‘Hi, everybody! Look at how many people rely on me to get their bills paid! You should believe everything I’m about to say because I obviously know more than you do!’

BrabeckAt minute mark 1:07 of the video he claims that “man is now in the position of being able to provide some balance to nature”.

Really? Because nature wasn’t balanced for billions of years before our young species found agriculture? How can he say this with a straight face? Or is it the Botox giving him a lack of expression?

People have turned nature into a pool of market resources to be plucked freely from, but only in the interest of profit. THAT is the cause of any imbalance in nature. It is not ours alone to distribute and it is not our responsibility to regulate or balance it. Nature balances itself and as long as we continue down this arrogant way of thinking, we will all find out just how hard that balance will come.

At minute 1:30, he states that in the 15 years that genetically modified foods have been in use, they have not caused one case of illness in the world. Can he truly make this statement without the possibility of rebuttal? Can we say with absolute surety that GM foods have not had any long-term effects on our collective health? There is no solid proof for or against the linking of GM food consumption and agriculture to the recent increase in chronic fatigue, Myalgia and colony collapse. Even if it were proven that GM foods don’t cause any health concerns for humans, we can’t ignore the possibility of them affecting the bee populations and without bees, humans will be eradicated in less than a decade.

He even goes so far as to call this hypocrisy. You know, kind of like saying there have been no illnesses directly related to something when there could be millions of illnesses or disorders indirectly related to it.

At minute 2:29, he calls it “extreme” to think we should have a basic human right to the access of drinking water. He, himself admits that it is the most important raw material on Earth. Why? Because it’s so essential to life that our ecosystem has created multiple natural filtration systemchild drinking rains in order for all animal life to be able to consume it safely. It falls from the sky in drinkable form. It pools into freshwater lakes in drinkable form. It rolls over minerals in mountain streams that purify it of harmful elements and make it drinkable. Water is literally handed freely to us by our ecosystem in mass volume in order to sustain our lives.   …But that’s an extreme way of thinking.

At minute 2:58, he goes on to label water as a ‘foodstuff’ and says that all foodstuffs should have a market value. This -in and of itself- is one of the major flaws with the world today. We should not only be giving water freely, but also natural foods. I agree that if there is a food that we like to eat, but it cannot be found naturally grown (like candy bars or cereal), it should be considered a novelty or production food and can be considered for market value, but considering that we literally cannot live without eating fruit, vegetable and animal proteins and nutrients, this should all be free to the public (that should help take care of the welfare issue).

at minute 4:34, our good friend Mr. Brabeck makes the statement; “If you want to create work, you have to work for yourself”. This a capitalist idealism – meant to indicate creating jobs/wages for the general public, but I think he said it more clearly in the words ‘create work’. Of course we don’t want to create more work. We want to create a more sustainable lifestyle with less work for all. This doesn’t fit into the logic of the sociopathic-extreme-wealthy because they only see through the guise of profitability, not human interest. Mr. Brabeck highlights this mentality himself in the beginning of the video when he states “the biggest social responsibility of any CEO is to maintain and ensure the successful and profitable future of his enterprise”.

Let’s clear that up a little: ‘The biggest responsibility is to ensure the profitable future of his enterprise’ – I hear you loud and clear, sir. Nowhere in that statement does it mention protecting the interests of his employees. He boasts creating more work for people (supposedly for their benefit), but then at the close of the video you see him marveling at an almost completely automated factory with “almost no people”.

What’s truly disturbing about this whole account is that you can see he genuinely doesn’t know the flaws of what he says. And these are the people who drive the decisions of our political leaders worldwide.

Starve-c“We’ve never had it so good. We’ve never had so much money. We’ve never been so healthy. We’ve never lived as long as we do today. We have everything we want.”

Yes, Peter – in your little one percent slice of the world, I’m sure you’re right.

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One Response to Let’s privatize water because, you know, it’s not essential to life or anything

  1. Barker says:

    Here’s an interesting factoid: Under its current permit, Nestlé pays $3.71 for every million litres of water it pumps from the local watershed, which it then packages in single-use plastic bottles and sells back to the public for as much as $2 million.

    That amounts to more than a 53,000,000% profit over what they pay to obtain that water.

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