Frauds & Favorites: Multi-Strand Leather Charm Bracelets

FFbannerWelcome to the first edition of Frauds & Favorites, our attempt to help clean-up the Etsy marketplace.  Each week we’ll post a list of Etsy shops that we believe to be frauds – sellers who are misrepresenting their items as handmade – and encourage all our visitors to report these shops to Etsy.  At the same time, we’ll feature one shop who we believe is doing it right – an Etsy favorite.

Be sure to visit our Frauds & Favorites Etsy Team to join the effort and share your own frauds and favorites.

(For the full introduction, click here.)

This week we took a specific look at the popular leather charm bracelet.
(Please note:  We won’t link directly to the fraud shop sites to keep from feeding the googlebots, etc.  To find them, go to and search for the shop name.)

First, let’s look at someone who’s doing it right:


Etsy Profile:  I am a graduate of Goldsmith’s craft and design college here in Israel and I have been designing and crafting jewelry and gifts for the last 13 years. I love to work with metal and leather, trying to bring my concept to the accessories that you see in my shop.

We agree that her background and combinations make for beautiful pieces that are trendy yet still unique.

Now, let’s see this week’s frauds:

jewleryofhome_201308021.  Shop Name:  Jewelryofhome
Shop Owner:  Mary Chen
Opened:  December 9, 2012
Sales to Date:  1,410
2Style_20130802 2.  Shop Name:  2Style
Shop Owner:  Brook Flyingbird
Opened:  March 25, 2013
Sales to Date:  421


3.  Shop Name:  fabuloustime
Shop Owner: tracy
Opened:  April 18, 2012
Sales to Date:  10, 312


4.  Shop Name:  fashionhealthylife
Shop Owner:  fashionhealthylife
Opened:  June 18, 2012
Sales to Date:  1,083

Gunrose_201308025.  Shop Name:  Gunrose
Shop Owner:  Taylor Spring
Opened:  March 25, 2012
Sales to Date: 2,109

Here’s a link to a simple search that you can include in your report to help support the abuse claim.

Now…get reporting!  And thanks for your help!!

(Have suggestions or comments?  More shops to report?  Let us know in the comments section below!)


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