Ear Infection Volume 1

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Here’s the track list:

All I Need – Death Punch/Los Angeles, California
Anti-social – Distortion UK/Truro southwest, UK
Blood Stained Decks – Rodents Of Unusual Size/La Habra, California
Cancerous Gold – Fiction Reform/Los Angeles, California
Cemetery Shuffle – Stupid In Stereo/Kennewick, Washington
Chameleon – Grandpa’s Porno Collection/Upton, California
Changes – Saints Of Sorrow/York, Pennsylvania
Cheers To Beers – For Fuck Sake/Riverside, California
Criticized – Pipes And Pints/Prague, Czech Republic
D.U.I. – Beantown Boozehounds/Boston, Massachusetts
Diamond Geezer – Bin Laden’s Daughter/Elgin, Scotland
Domestic – Husbands N Knives/Newton Abbot, UK
Drinking Beer – K.I.L./Apple Valley, Colorado
Eat Sleep Work Repeat – Dorm Patrol/Stromstad, Sweden
First In Line – Throb Zombie/Tempe, Arizona
Friendshit – Stereodaze/Roanoke, Virginia
Goldfish Think Tank – God Given Ass/Helsinki, Finland
Incisor – 20 Days In/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Maggie – Mouth/Falmouth, UK
Mother Theresa – Dead Sara/Los Angeles, California
My Hometown – Baldwin Park Disasters/Baldwin Park, California
My World – The Marksmen/Bury St.Edmonds, UK
Nation Of Sedation – Girlfixer/Nottingham, UK
Necromaniac – The Horny Bitches/Montreal, Canada
No Escape – Stench/Wolverhampton, UK
Nothing Happened – Johnathan Mitchell/Madison, Alabama
Nothing To Do – The Mustard Men/Joliet, Illinois
Paralyzed Glue – No!/Baltimore, Maryland
Patty Melted – The Ashamed/Richland, Washington
Pigs Equals Bacon – Chaos Confusion/Linkoping, Sweden
Pogo And Provocation – Vision Days/Svitavy, Czech Republic
Reality – Narcolaptic/Hamburg, Germany
Shut Your Mouth – Boobie Trap/Orange County, California
Sliver Bullet – Within Our Sins/Cleveland, Ohio
Skaters Haters – Scrap Monsters/Izhevsk, Russia
Something For The Weekend – Mispelt/Northhampton, UK
Sticks And Stones – Twenty-Nineteen/Rittman, Ohio
The Foremost – Into The Morning Sky/Bogor, Indonesia
The New Censorship – Static Anthem/(???)
Walking On – Combat 77/Hannover Hildesheim, Germany
Wanna Scream – The Benwahs/Birmingham, UK
What’s In The Big Black Bag? – Standard And Poor/Riverside, California


6 Responses to Downloads

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  2. Milt Taylor says:

    After listening to the whole thing, my favorites are: Girlfixer, Twenty-Nineteen and Standard & Poor.

  3. Anonymous says:

    great compilation. some really kick ass bands!

  4. Anonymous says:

    after listening this compilation my favorite song is The Foremost from Indonesia, great compilation.

  5. hedge insult says:

    hey,proud as with the bin ladens daughter track.thats my twin bruvver bangin them drums.the other lads are diamond geezers too! grand job with the whole lp though.chance to see different punk from different places!

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