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Cleveland cops caught having a snowball fight while on duty

Anyone that knows me or has any online interaction with me knows that I’m not fan of general police conduct. There are countless incidents where police have overstepped their bounds, killed family pets, beaten innocent people, killed suspects before they’ve … Continue reading

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The search for our nightspot concludes: XYZ the Tavern

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about the challenges we have just trying to find a cool place to get a drink around here.  Yesterday we decided to try again. Without the little ones for one night only (since my step-daughter’s … Continue reading

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East Side/West Side: The Cleveland Conundrum

Have ever heard someone from Cleveland, Ohio, say, “I’m from the westside,” or likewise, “I live on the eastside”? Do you have any idea how deep the east/west thing goes in Cleveland?  As an analyst at a healthcare company I’ve … Continue reading

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Not Our Brew Shop

This weekend was chock full of fantastic.  We had an absolutely amazing time – a much needed recharge after the ‘return to work’ syndrome we were experiencing.  I’ll leave the first-hand account of all the awesome to Bryan though, while … Continue reading

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Just beyond the city…

  One view from Whiskey Island, Cleveland, Ohio

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Phases: Chapter 2

Somewhere along the lines during my young punk days, I think I was out back with Greg fucking around with a can of lighter fluid or something and my sister had gotten home or just came outside or whatever the … Continue reading

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Excelling In The Face Of Adversity

For anyone who doesn’t know already, I lived a rather large chunk of my life -fairly recently- in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Cleveland. Gunfire was a common occurrence and despite my family’s efforts to keep the neighborhood kids … Continue reading

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