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Eating Your Afterbirth Has No Health Benefit – It Is A Choice

This morning, I got into a short debate with a friend of mine on my Facebook Freethinker’s page. [I want to note that I value this friend’s opinion greatly and I am trying to be as objective as possible. I … Continue reading

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Unexpected Advice and the Beauty of Internet Friends

Just over a month ago I was having a rough time.  I was feeling imbalanced and couldn’t figure out how to handle it all productively.  There were a few bad days, and then a couple REALLY bad days.  I was … Continue reading

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‘Awareness’ day? Screw that – let’s have ACTION day

All day long, I’ve seen all of the red equality symbols going up as profile pictures and that’s nice. I really do mean it. It’s very cool to see so many people in support of what should be a basic … Continue reading

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When social media sucks….

It’s been almost two hours that I’ve been sitting in front of the computer stuck in a loop of trying to figure out how to manage all the possible social media outlets that I want or “need” to use…and I’m … Continue reading

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Since I can’t seem to get this blogging thing down…

…I thought I’d try Twitter a little more. You know, bite-size pieces throughout the day when the mood strikes me. Just an easier way to keep in touch with the world and get my thoughts out of my head. One … Continue reading

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Disorder & Disarray

Seems to be a somewhat more constant refrain in my life recently than I would like.  Today is Election Day.  I voted this morning and I felt great.  I’m happy to finally place a vote for someone I really believe … Continue reading

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